El Lacon. The crowds arrive at nine for tapas and drinks and the bartender is ready.

Never far from a drink and a dish of olives

While free tapas with a drink have slowly dissipated over the years the very thought of drinking without eating isn't in the Spanish nature. Order a drink and at the very least you should have some olives.

A glass of wine? Always served from the bottle in front of the customer, where it can be seen.


The Social Lifestyle

Friends & Family

You can never spend too much time with family and friends. A long lunch with colleagues or an after work drink and a tapa with family…socialising is a way of life in Spain.

Foodie's tapa break, Barrio de Letras, Madrid

Babies, teenagers and grand parents

Here in suburban Madrid everyone leaves their apartment for an evening at a local café. Driving is seldom required, there are bars, restaurants and cafés within walking distance throughout all Spanish cities.

Beer in bulk

Despite Spain's large wine production beer is the popular drink. This bar sells so much they installed tanks on the ceiling.

Beer drinkers, Madrid

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