Puerta de Alcalá owes its name to Alcala de Henares, a famous town located east of Madrid. It is one of the entrances to the city. Other famous puertos: La Puerta de Toledo and St. Vicente..


Narrow streets with apartments and small businesses are ideal places to explore in central Madrid.

Chef's smoke break, Madrid

Smoke break for the chefs at a central Madrid hotel.

Statues of the greats at the National Library in Recoletes

The Historic Centre


Featuring majestic buildings, old neighborhoods and lively cafés, Madrid's historic Centre is popular with locals and foreign travelers alike. From world class shopping to nightlife going 'til dawn, Madrid has it all.

Dining out in Barrio  de Letras MadridAn affordable world city

While big cities everywhere have become expensive to visit Madrid remains one of the few still affordable. Even in the most desirable areas accommodation can be found for less than €100 a night and dinner for two can be enjoyed for less than €40.

Ready for tapas

The owner of bar Quevedo in El Barrio de las Letras is prepared for the evening rush with ham at the ready. Twenty minutes from now his bar will be packed.


Grand buildings from early last century still stand in central Madrid.

Dining with Madrid foodies


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