Andalucia Guide


Sardines grilling over hot coals on the beach and fresh local shellfish make a perfect snack.

MALAGA . . . The Mediterranean Diet

Fresh, inexpensive seafood

The cuisine in Malaga embodies the ‘Mediterranean Diet’ with fresh seafood, vegetables and olive oil. Located on the southeast coast seafood is plentiful and fresh. Many of the tapa dishes found in local cafes feature the regional seafood, grilled sardines, clams, squid can be found in most bars for just a few Euros.

Get an apartment . . . shop at local markets

Local markets are filled with wonderful, affordable fresh local produce, if you rent an apartment with a
decent kitchen you can cook many dishes that can be quite expensive in restaurants

Milk fed baby lamb, foodies in Malaga, SpainMilk fed Baby Lamb

Rarely found elsewhere these lamb chops are relatively inexpensive in local markets.

Seafood in Malaga, Spain

Mercado de Ataranzas A Typical Andalucían city Where Tapa is king Beaches for the locals

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